In 1969, John Willson founded Branded Emblem designing and producing embroidered emblems. Within 7 years, John had 50 employees and a strong national reputation throughout the country for producing a very high quality product for accounts like Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International, and many major municipal fire and police departments. These customers are still with us today.
In the 1980’s, high-speed multi-head embroidery equipment began to be used to direct embroider apparel rather than for emblems. Branded Emblem recognized the opportunity to be one of the first full-service direct embroiderers in Kansas City. As a result of this rapid shift in focus, Branded Emblem became the largest direct embroiderer in the state of Kansas, servicing a host of national brand name apparel manufacturers, uniform companies and ASI companies.
The Camp David brand was created in 1993 by David and Mark Willson, John’s sons. The product offering consists of upper-end fleece, t-shirts, and caps that are embellished with custom artwork for sale to Resort establishments and to the licensed College Bookstore market. A highly regarded name brand, Camp David has built a reputation for innovative graphic presentation through multi-process applications involving a combination of embroidery, screen print and appliqué to present a contemporary retail look.
Camp David has created an environment that recognizes and promotes family values, employee loyalty, and a comfortable atmosphere in the workplace. Camp David is the “site” for valued employees who represent the diverse heritage and culture of nearly a dozen different countries. Camp David has numerous employees who have been working with the Willson family for two, three, and even four decades!
Camp David reflects the partner relationships it has forged with its vendors, customers, and of course, its employees. We work hard to be successful so we can give back. We believe that we must add value to every relationship. Our objective is not to fit in, but to stand out. Whatever we do, our goal is not to be good, but to excel. We want all of our partners to have a most enjoyable “Camping” experience.

Core Values
•   God and Family above all else
•   Honesty and Integrity
•   Always working to improve
•   Treat all individuals with respect
•   Knocking down self-imposed boundaries with new thinking
•   Maintain a proper workplace code of conduct

Core Purpose
To improve the lives of all involved with Camp David.

Envisioned Future
•   Create products that are exciting and tasteful.
•   Be a leader who remains humble.
•   Advance a commitment to excellence.

Code of Conduct
We are committed to the ongoing improvement of working conditions, labor practices and compensation for all workers engaged in the manufacturing of our products.  Camp David is affiliated with the Fair Labor Association, a nonprofit organization dedicate to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide.

Camp David is always seeking innovative, enthusiastic, and hardworking people. Our core purpose is to improve the lives of all involved with Camp David. Our national headquarters is located in historic downtown Overland Park, Kansas. It is here that Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Graphics, Digitizing and Production make their home.